Activity changes can be made online until May 1st. After this date please contact the office for any changes. Once at camp, activity changes are offered Tuesday afternoon and evening.

We ask that campers do not bring their own fishing equipment, as we do not have the ability to properly store additional equipment. We provide fishing poles and tackle for campers taking Casting and Fishing

If your camper is taking the music activity, they can bring their acoustic instrument with them. Please note: Brookhill Ranch is not responsible for any damage done to music equipment during the camp session.

Bunkhouses, Bunkmates and Showerhouses

You will find out your bunkhouse assignment upon check in.

You will find out your team color upon check in.

Bunkmate selections are made during the registration process. Changes to bunkmate selections can be made through your campwise account up until 7 days prior to the start of your camp session.

Trunks are limited to a maximum height of 15 inches. Trunks larger than this may not fit in the provided space.

Cabins are rustic styled with wooded bunkbeds. They have large screen windows which provides air movements. Each bunk has a single outlet for a camper to bring a single fan. 

Shower houses are disconnected from the bunkhouses with private showers and toilets. Shower shoes ARE REQUIRED for the shower houses. 

Camp Meals

Some examples of our camp menu include but are not limited to: chicken strips, walking tacos, alfredo pasta, muffins, biscuits and gravy, etc…

Brookhill Ranch is not equipped to handle major, life threatening food allergies at this time. Feel free to contact, Lynlee McMillan at with any questions.

Camp Mom Services

Camp Mom is position that we hire for our all summer staff. The Camp Mom takes care of first time campers, homesick campers and forgotten camper items. She also gives complimentary phone calls to first time camper parents who have signed up for this service.

During check in, you will receive a QR Code that will allow you to sign up for a Camp Mom call. You will also receive this link in your pre-camp newsletter which is sent out 3 weeks before your camp session. Please remember, this service is only offered to our first time parents.

These cases will be handled case by case. Please call our office at 501-623-5983

Camp Pictures, Videos, Merch and Care Packages

Brookhill Ranch uses a web site called, SmugMug. Upon arrival, you will receive a QR Code to our SmugMug page where you can view and purchase pictures of your camper.

Follow this link to our Care Package Store. To ensure delivery, care package orders must be placed by 9:00 p.m. (cst) the previous day. 

All camp videos can be found on our Vimeo page!

Due to lack of storage space, Brookhill Merch can not be pre ordered to be picked up at camp. It can be purchased through our website (delivery date is not guaranteed), or purchased during Monday check in and throughout your campers session.

Check In, Registration and Early Drop Off

Campers riding in the same vehicle but in different groups can check in together.

We are unable to facilitate early drop offs due to camp preparations.

Covid Restrictions and Requirements

No. We leave this decision up to each family to decide what is best for their family.

No. We leave this decision up to each family to decide what is best for their family.

Camp Balance and Money Questions

No money is required for camp, but your camper will have the option to purchase additional snacks, drinks, & merch. On average we recommend $60.00 – $75.00 (approx. $10/day).

14 Days prior to the beginning of your camp session

Payments can be submitted through your campwise account or by calling our camp office at 501-623-5983.

Early Departure and Check Out Day

Fill out an Early Departure request form: link here

Gates open at 10:30 a.m. for ID check.

Only vehicles with an authorized pick up person will be allowed through the gate on Saturday. You will receive a link in your pre-camp email (sent out 3 weeks prior to your session) as well as a QR code that will be given during check-in. Additional changes can only be made by a parent/guardian by calling the camp office at 501-623-5983.

First Aid

We will notify the contacts listed on the camper form if the camper requires advanced medical care. The first to be contacted is the person listed as Guardian 1 in your campwise account. Followed by Guardian 2 and the Emergency contact respectively, until contact is made.

There is a nurse on call 24 hours a day.

General Questions

Tennis shoes are required for Horseback and Field Sports and recommended for other activities. Shower shoes are required as our showerhouses are not directly connected to the cabins.

No phone use is available to campers. We are unable to facilitate this request due to the volume of campers. For the safety of our campers and staff, campers are not allowed to have their phones with them during their camp session.

You can get emergency messages to your camper through our Camp Mom by calling the office at 501-623-5983.

You can get emergency messages to your camper through our Camp Mom by calling the office at 501-623-5983.

For letters and packages, our mailing address is: 

[Camper Name]

431 Brooks Lane

Hot Springs, AR 71909

Our staff are all previous Brookhill campers who understand the vision and heart behind our mission. All staff is screened by a state and federal background check. Our All Summer Staff goes through an extensive interview process, Child Protection Plan training, Code of Conduct standard, and an intensive 2 week staff training.

No. Campers need to pack for the appropriate days for their session. Clothes and bedding needing special attention will be carefully and discreetly handled by our staff.

Waitlist Questions

You’ll be notified if your camper get into the waitlisted camp session. The first to be contacted is the person listed as Guardian 1 in your campwise account, followed by Guardian 2. Should contact not be made we will email both guardians and the family will have 24 hours (excluding Sundays) to claim the spot. If no response is given, Brookhill will remove the camper from the waiting list and move to the next camper in line. 

We are unable to hold spots in the hopes of more openings becoming available to facilitate families or groups.

Register for the camp session and complete all associated forms, then it will put you on the waitlist if the session is full.

Call or email the office:

Phone: 501-623-5983


Call or email the office:

Phone: 501-623-5983