Brookhill Ranch Christian Summer Camp was established in 1964 with the purpose of reaching out to every young person with unconditional love, helping each one to realize his or her own intrinsic worth.


All campers are required to have completed the 3rd grade and may attend through the summer they completed the 9th grade.


Sleeping bag (or blankets and sheets), clip-on fan, tennis shoes, shorts, shirts, socks, stamps, stationery, hat (if skin difficulty from the sun), camera (if desired), Bible, towel, wash cloths, and toilet articles. Campers should bring extra money for T-shirts, canteen, etc. A general suggestion is between $35 to $40. Bills can be exchanged for quarters and/or smaller bills at registration on Monday. GIRLS — ONE PIECE BATHING SUITS ONLY. NO RADIOS, IPODS, VIDEO GAMES, VIDEO CAMERAS, FIREWORKS, LIGHTERS, OR MATCHES ARE ALLOWED. ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED AT CAMP — CAMPERS USING CELL PHONES WILL BE DISMISSED FROM CAMP. This is imperative to insure your camper’s safety. It would be impossible to monitor the phone calls received and made at camp without STRICTLY enforcing this policy.


Lost items will be held for 2 weeks. Any unclaimed articles will be donated to local charitable organizations. We are sure you understand that we cannot return items left by campers. This would be impossible.


Brookhill furnishes a variety of nutritious foods. Meals are furnished in the total cost. Brookhill leaves cold drinks and snacks up to parents’ discretion, and young people will have regularly scheduled canteen time to safeguard proper eating habits (bring extra money for these things). SORRY, NO SPECIAL DIETS FOR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.


Neat, rustic, well-kept bunk houses are provided in true ranch style. Twenty campers with a Head Counselor of college age and a Jr. Counselor live in each bunk house. Girls and boys sections are adequately separated. Shower houses with restroom facilities are cleaned and inspected daily. Bunk house living is “family style” with a variety of different age groupings. No child of one age group is ever in bunk houses alone (providing others of the same age have registered). We will not place a group of more than three campers together as bunkmates in the same bunk house; this makes it very difficult for the counselors. Please help us avoid confusion and disappointment at registration by noting this policy when choosing bunkmates.


We do not pick up campers outside the Hot Springs area; however, an airport shuttle service can be secured by calling 1-501-247-8006. The shuttle service comes to the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs. Notify us a week in advance, and we’ll pick up the camper there. Private planes coming into the Hot Springs airport need to notify us a week prior to arrival for pickup transportation to camp.


The Village Inn
4429 North Hwy. 7

Hot Springs Village Rentals
121 Cordoba Center Drive #200
email: stay@renthotspringsvillage.com

Village Villas
4136 Hwy 7 North
email: info@villagevillas.com




Applications accepted beginning January 1, 2017

  1. June 12-17
  2. June 19-24
  3. June 26-July 1
  4. July 3-8
  5. July 10-15
  6. July 17-22
  7. July 24-29
  8. July 31-August 5


The cost for registration is $575 per camper, which may be paid in full if desired, but the $275 deposit is required now. The remaining $300.00 will be due when you arrive at camp. There are two methods of registration: online, or traditional.

Beginning January 1, 2017 (application attempts will not be accepted prior to January 1, 2017)

Option One: Register Online
Click Here To Register

Option Two: Traditional
For those desiring to register using a more traditional means, please use the following steps:
Please note: Your traditional application does not guarantee a camper’s position in a certain week; reservations are based on availability upon receipt of the application. If your 1st choice of dates is full, you will be placed on a waiting list, or placed in your second choice, if applicable. A confirmation card will be sent in the mail with your camper’s confirmed dates.

Download Application

Fill out the application
Mail the application, along with your $275 deposit to:

Brookhill Ranch
431 Brooks Loop
Hot Springs, AR 71909

Download Health Form

Bring your completed health form, along with your remaining balance of $300 to the first day of camp





This is a great activity for anyone who has ever wanted to try their hand at a bow and arrow! Brookhill provides bows, arrows, and instruction. Learn the basic bow handling and shooting skills, as well as shaving cream filled balloon shoots, free canteen tournaments, and the famous Brookhill hunt!


Have you ever imagined riding a bicycle across a lake? What about sinking a canoe? If this peaks your interest, don’t hesitate a minute longer to sign up for this activity. Boats, life jackets, instructors and adventure await! If you are in 7th, 8th, or 9th grade, then what could you possibly be waiting for?


This is our newest and one of our most exciting activities. Complete with instructors, competition and games, this activity promises FUN! FUN! FUN! Offering one of the highest awards at Brookhill, the Pro Angler, this activity will also test your knowledge of lures, knot tying, and breeds of fish. Sign up and sink your hook into this activity!


Where can you find music, back flips, basket tosses, dance routines, and cheers? In this activity! This activity is not for the faint of heart; you will work all week long on a routine to perform in front of the camp. The best part about this activity is you don’t have to be a cheerleader to take it. Check your mark on the cheerleading box and get ready to lead camp in a new kind of groove!


Brookhill has an outstanding arts and crafts hut filled to the top with fun things to do. If you love arts and crafts and using your imagination, then this is the activity is for you. Learn how to make Brookhill style nametags, show your cabin spirit with the famous Brookhill particle board art, and get your hands ooey gooey with your very own homemade “Gak”. Do you like being covered from head to toe in paint and glue? This activity is waiting for you.


If you like being up in front and have a flair for the dramatics, then this is your big chance to be a star! The Brookhill drama team works on 2 original skits all week long to perform in front of the camp. In addition to learning the skits, you will play drama relative games, practice and enhance your basic drama skills, and have the most fun possible packed into one week. Sign up for this activity right away… your audience awaits!


Flying down a 300 – ft. long water slide, taking a plunge off a 12 ft. high dive, and soaring down a 20 ft zip line… Oh no! It’s not a water park; it’s FUN SWIM at Brookhill. If you are a fish at heart, then this the activity for you. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure safety and fun. If you are in the mood for a cool down this summer, then take a dip into this activity.


On your mark… Get set…GO! Let the journey begin. Take a drive down the big, straight away track or maybe the shorty curvy track is more your style. Either way, you are in the driver’s seat of your own go-cart and there is nothing out ahead but more road to conquer. So take a seat, put your hands on the wheel, and get ready for the ride of your life.


From helping advanced gymnastics improve their back handsprings and layouts, to teaching beginning gymnastics cartwheels and summersaults, we have you covered. Each gymnastic team will perform a routine in front of the camp that focuses on each gymnast’s specialty. Enjoy the trampoline, climbing rope, uneven bars and much more with this exciting opportunity to train like an Olympian.


As one of our most popular activities, Hodge Podge is a never-ending assortment of exhilarating games. With food relays, mini golf, and water balloon volleyball, this activity defines nonstop fun. After one day in this activity, you will see why it’s our fastest growing activity at Brookhill. Sign up for Hodge Podge and be a part of the trend.


For the cowgirl or cowboy inside of you just waiting to get out, we have good news… here is your big chance! In addition to horseback riding fun, this activity offers the highest award possible at Brookhill, the Advanced Equestrian Award. Many campers work every year from the 3rd grade to the 9th grade to achieve this honor. Be among the elite group of campers who have left their mark forever etched in stone.


If you enjoy being outdoors then this activity is where you need to be. A barnyard full of animals including a cow, baby chickens, rabbits, miniature pony, turtles, goats, and much more awaits you. You will build a campfire, play in a hayloft, feed the animals, have turtle races, and go searching for arrowheads in a creek bed. Put on your overalls and we will meet you at the barn!


Ready…Aim…Fire! Learn to shoot with a BB gun, pellet gun, 22 rifle, and a shotgun. You will start with paper targets and then move on to shoot much more difficult rubber targets. You can even test your skills during the trap shoot. Our instructors provide the guns, safety supervision, proper gun handling and maintenance instructions and a whole lot of fun!


Pedal boats, splash boats, water basketball tournaments and cane pole fishing are just a few of the attractions at the 5 acre lake. This activity is provided for the campers who have finished the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade and who love to be on the water. Life jackets ensure the safety of these campers as they test their strength and ability to handle boats made just for them.


Are you someone who might not want to come to camp because that would mean you have to take a break from your favorite sport? Well, now you can come and not miss a beat. Basketball, volleyball and football are just a few of the sports taught and played in this activity. Work on drills, technique, teamwork, leadership and have a blast doing it. Games and competition are sure to bring out your talent. Still think you are too good for summer camp? Don’t sing it. Bring it!


It doesn’t matter if you are just learning or an expert player, this is a great activity to improve your tennis skills as you play on our brand new, professional grade tennis court! You can bring your own racket or use one of ours: as long as you are having fun. Games, round robin tournaments and playing match against some of our staff are just a few of the things that make this activity a must for all tennis lovers. It’s match point… are you up to the challenge?


If you are out of the 8th or 9th grade this is the activity you have been waiting for! Jump on the floating trampoline. Try running on the moon walk or attempt to make it to the top of the rock wall without ending up in the water below. And don’t forget about the main attraction-TUBING!!! You will also get one on one time with the senior counselor and this is only offered to you. Don’t pass this activity up. This is the one everyone talks about!




Our staff is divided into three parts, JC’s, AC’s and Senior Counselors. JC’s, or Junior Counselors, are out of the 10th grade and have graduated from Brookhill. Their first summer on staff, they are usually hired for one week. They are then evaluated by our all summer staff and leadership team and their evaluations play a part in determining whether or not they get to return for the following two summers. AC’s, or Assistant Counselors, have just graduated from high school and have received exceptional evaluations from our staff during their weeks as a Junior Counselor. Most of them have attended High Point Leadership Camp as well. Our Senior Counselors are made up of young people in their college years. They have been campers and exceptional JC’s and some of them have been AC’s. Most of them are leaders in some form of ministry on their college campuses. Our all summer staff maintains a very close relationship with David and Lynlee and very rarely is anyone hired who doesn’t have a close relationship with them. They must be young people with exceptional character and integrity. There are no compromises made when hiring our all summer staff. They are trained extensively in bunkhouse and activity safety and fun.

We believe that Brookhill has the best staff and we thank you for trusting us.

David Pate Brookhill Ranch Administrator

David Pate is the Camp Administrator. He oversees the hiring of the staff and the development of our JCT’s. He started as a camper at Brookhill as a 3rd grader, graduated from camp as a 9th grader, was hired for one summer as a JC as a 10th grader and then joined our All Summer Staff as an 11th grader. He has been on All Summer Staff ever since! David married Don and Hettie Brooks’ youngest granddaughter, MeLisa. They now have a daughter, Olivia and a son, Eli. Along with being the Camp Administrator, David is also the principal of Christian Ministries Academy. CMA has kids from K4 through the 12th grade. He also teaches at Applied Life Leaders Academy which is an internship for college aged young people. In addition to these ministries, he is also the Camp Administer of High Point Leadership Camp. It is safe to say that working with young people is David’s passion and calling.

Lynlee McMillan Brookhill Ranch Camp Director

Lynlee (Brooks) McMillan is the Camp Director. She is the oldest granddaughter of Don and Hettie Brooks and has worked and lived on Brookhill her entire life. She was a camper, counselor then became Camp Director. Her and her husband Mike, have two children. A daughter, Campbell and a son, Carson. In addition to being a full time mom and running camp, she also writes, directs and produces the Christian Ministries Academy Christmas play every year and teaches at Applied Life Leaders Academy. Camp is her favorite time of the year and she loves every camper like they are her own children. Running Brookhill is what she was born to do.

Mike McMillan Brookhill Ranch Operation Manager

Mike McMillan is the Operations Manager. He is married to Lynlee (Brooks) McMillan. He began coming to Brookhill after his 3rd grade summer and continued coming until he graduated camp. He began working on the ranch as a ranch hand his 10th grade summer and continued doing that until he graduated from high school and went into public safety. He and Lynlee were highschool sweethearts and eventually married. He moved onto Brookhill and his love for the ranch life continued to grow. After 20 years of working on an ambulance and a firetruck, he left public safety to become a full time rancher. He now oversees all of the facilities and all of the activities of camp. Due to his public safety background, it is his priority to keep every camper safe while they are using our equipment. When you see Mike working on the ranch, you can tell that Brookhill is in his blood.

Kelle Stahl Brookhill Ranch Office Staff

Kelle Stahl is a part of our office staff. Kelle handles every registration form personally. She takes great care in placing the campers in their activities and does her very best to provide customer service to anyone who requires it.  Kelle puts each camper in their bunkhouses and goes to great lengths to make sure that every camper enjoys their bunkhouse placement. Kelle has served on staff at Brookhill for over 17 years!

MeLisa Pate Brookhill Ranch Office Staff

MeLisa (Brooks) Pate works as office staff. She is the youngest granddaughter of Don and Hettie Brooks and has worked and lived on Brookhill her entire life. She was a camper, counselor and now serves on the ranch office staff. Her and her husband David, have two children. A daughter, Olivia and a son, Eli. MeLisa is a full time mother and works very closely with our First Aid Counselor providing a mother’s care to our campers when necessary. MeLisa assist in placing each camper in their bunkhouse and goes to great lengths to make sure that every camper enjoys their bunkhouse placement.



Red T-Shirt

The Red T-shirt is more than a uniform or a symbol. The Red T-shirt is a legacy. It represents the countless lives changed throughout the Ranch’s history. It is a symbol of hope that is found in Jesus. It is representative of influence that can change lives forever. Putting on the Red T-shirt is seen as great privilege and responsibility. The red in the shirt represents the blood of Christ that purifies and consecrates the believer and sets them apart from the world. Counselors understand that even when they are not at camp wearing the Red T-shirt, they are still representatives of what it stands for no matter where they are or what they are doing. If you wish to become a part of the Red T-shirt legacy, click on a link below to receive more information about applying.

Download The Application Below

Junior Counselor Senior Counselor Assistant Counselor


Take A Peak


Hettie Lue Brooks – Legacy of The Red T-shirt

In this short clip, Hettie Lue Brooks, the founder of Brookh...

Hettie Lue Brooks – History of Crucifixion

In this short clip, Hettie Lue Brooks, the founder of Brookh...

Hettie Lue Brooks – The Vision of the Campers

In this short clip, Hettie Lue Brooks, the founder of Brookh...

Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp Demo Video

In this video you can see all the fun and activities that a...




3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (Monday of your choice of dates) We will NOT begin before 3:00 pm and will conclude at 4:30 pm. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. Camper Arrival MUST BE APPROVED AFTER 4:30 pm New campers cannot miss the vital orientation session, This is most important to a good beginning at camp. DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY-No supervision provided. Camp ends: 12:30 pm Saturday of your choice of dates.


Please mark these dates and times on your calendar.
Please don’t be late picking up your child,
They feel deserted when they are the only ones left at camp.
Closing ceremonies begin at 11:30 am; camp will end at 12:30 pm.
Camp DVD’s, pictures, shirts, hats, and books etc. will be available for purchase upon camp closing. PLEASE CHOOSE A DATE WHEN THE CAMPER CAN BE HERE FOR THE ENTIRE SESSION WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.
The office MUST be notified of any early departures.


Brookhill strives for the highest physical, mental and spiritual standards possible. There will be NO smoking, matches, lighters, fireworks, use of tobacco, alcohol, or abusive language. We do not allow piercings or any such items or behavior of questionable nature. No Drugs allowed, (except that prescribed by a doctor, which is kept with the First Aid Counselor). We protect our campers from influences which we feel to be detrimental, degrading, destructive or not in keeping with Brookhill standards. Please, girls one-piece bathing suits, please boys no earrings. Absolutely no cell phones are allowed at camp. This is imperative to insure your campers’ safety as it would be impossible to monitor calls made and received at camp. We reserve the right to deny acceptance to any applicant based on the standards outlined in this application, as well as dismissal from camp should it become necessary.


It is important to us that you understand this policy, so that you will not feel taken advantage of. The deposit for camp is $275.00. Prior to May 1st $100.00 is refundable. After May 1st the deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation for ANY reason. There will be no exceptions.


Two campers wishing to be in the same bunkhouse must give each others names in the “I prefer to be with” space provided on front of the application. *Please do not list more than one name. Confusion and disappointment at registration can be avoided if Parents help choose their child’s ONE cabin mate. PLEASE CALL if you do not CLEARLY UNDERSTAND this policy. There will be NO CHANGES to BUNKHOUSE ASSIGNMENTS at Registration.


Brookhill is a physically demanding camp. We are happy to help parents with children who have difficulty in specific areas, but it is imperative that the parents communicate the camper’s difficulties BEFORE coming to camp. *We cannot accommodate physical or mental limitations. The existence of a “limiting condition” does not necessarily exclude a child from camp; however a failure on the parents’ part to disclose a “limiting condition” prior to registration can result in automatic dismissal of the camper. No refund will be available at that time. Please consider your child’s ability to participate before applying to camp.

PLEASE NOTE, there is not a Doctor or nurse on staff. There is a First Aid counselor on site to dispense medicine, and to attend to minor injuries. We strive to provide tasty and healthy meals to your camper. However, we are unable to prepare separate meals due to allergies or preference. Thank you for understanding the difficulty of accommodating this request.


Please help your child choose his or her 4 activities, as they will be required to take them the first day of camp. After this time they will have an opportunity to change their scheduled activities. Every conceivable effort is made to protect each camper’s health and safety through training of the staff. However, the camp assumes no responsibility for accidents, illness, or loss of life, or for loss of personal equipment by fire, theft, natural disasters, or campers’ carelessness. Brookhill is noted for its safety measures and few accidents. We have found all of the things listed here to be important to the Camper, and to us. We expect to have a great time with your child. Thank you for taking time to help your child have the most wonderful camping experience possible.


Every conceivable effort is made to protect campers’ health and safety through training of staff; however, the camp assumes no responsibility for accidents, for illness, for loss of life, nor for loss of personal equipment by fire, theft, or a camper’s carelessness. Brookhill is noted for its safety measures and very few accidents. (If your child has a physical or mental condition apart from the norm, we must be contacted prior to acceptance of application.)


Join Us For

Turkey Day

2016 Dates: November 25th-27th

Cost: $175.00
Arrive Friday at 5:30 pm
Ends Sunday at 12:00 pm

The Thanksgiving weekend retreat is for Brookhillers and High Point Leaders, who want to passionately pursue God’s best. This is a 3-day weekend for Brookhill and High Point Camp young people of high school age. This retreat consists of awesome worship, anointed ministry, challenging messages, and tons of fun in our activities. If you are looking to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ, and meet stellar people, then don’t miss the Turkey Day Retreat!

*Turkey Day Requirements:
You must have attended Brookhill or High Point (9th through 12th grades) to be eligible for Turkey Day. Sorry, no first time campers.

For more info call: (501) 623-5983


Option One: Register Online
Register Online

Option Two: Traditional
If you do not wish to register online you can download the Registration Form, print it out and mail it to us: Please fill out and mail to: C/O Turkey Day, Brookhill Ranch 431 Brooks Loop Hot Springs, AR 71909
Register By Mail



Belief Statement

Belief Statement

We believe that the Bible is the foundation for living a successful Christian life. We endeavor to teach a Biblical worldview that encompasses ALL of scripture.




Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp is an awesome opportunity for young people during the summer months. We also have other opportunities for young people and adults. Some of the different opportunities are Turkey Day, Marriage Retreat, CMC Ministries Conference, CMC Maximum Man Conference, and Hettie Lue Brooks Women’s Seminars.

We encourage you to get involved with all the different opportunities available to help enrich your walk with the Lord. You can find more information about all these resources at cmchurch.com


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